Seed Eating Species

Bird lengths are listed as Millimeters (mm) or Centimeters (cm) - use the following formulas to convert to inches:
1 mm = 0.04"         1 cm = .3937"
mm X .04 = inches           cm X .3937 = inches

Adamawa Turtle Dove Golden Heart Dove Red-necked Pigeon
Afep Pigeon Golden-spotted Ground Dove Ringneck Dove
African Collared Dove Goldman's Quail Dove Ring-tailed Pigeon
African Olive Pigeon Gray-chested Dove Rock Dove
Andaman Cuckoo Dove Gray-fronted Dove Ruddy Cuckoo Dove
Andaman Wood Pigeon Gray-headed Quail Dove Ruddy Ground Dove
Ashy Wood Pigeon Great Cuckoo Dove Ruddy Pigeon
Australian Crested Dove Green-winged Dove Ruddy Quail Dove
Band-tailed Pigeon Grenada Dove Ryukyu Pigeon
Bare-eyed Ground Dove Grey-headed dove Salvin's Pigeon
Bare-eyed Pigeon Hill Pigeon Santa Cruz Ground Dove
Bare-faced Ground Dove Island Collared Dove Sao Thomas Bronze-naped
Barred Cuckoo Dove Japanese Wood Pigeon Sao Thomas Olive Pigeon
Barred Dove Jobi Island Ground Dove Sapphire Quail Dove
Bar-shouldered Dove Key West Quail Dove Scaled Dove
Bartlett's Bleeding Heart Laceneck Dove Senegal Dove
Black-billed Cuckoo Dove Laurel Pigeon Short-billed Pigeon
Black-billed Wood Dove Lemon Dove Silvery Wood Pigeon
Black-winged Ground Dove Lined Quail Dove Slender-billed Cuckoo Dove
Blue Ground Dove Little Cuckoo Dove Snow Pigeon
Blue-eyed Ground Dove Long-tailed Ground Dove Socorro Dove
Blue-headed Quail Dove Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeon Solomon Island Crowned Pigeon
Blue-headed Wood Dove Mackinlay's Cuckoo Dove Somali Pigeon
Blue-spotted wood Dove Madagascar Turtle Dove Southern Crowned Pigeon
Bolle's Pigeon Maroon-chested Ground Dove Speckled Wood Pigeon
Bonin Wood Pigeon Marquesan Ground Dove Splendid Pigeon
Bridled Quail Dove Metallic Pigeon Spotted Pigeon
Bronze Ground Dove Mindoro Bleeding Heart Pigeon Squatter Pigeon
Bronze-naped Pigeon Mourning Collared Dove Stephan's Dove
Brown Cuckoo Dove Mourning Dove Stock Dove
Brown-backed Dove Negros Bleeding Heart Pigeon Sulu Bleeding Heart Pigeon
Brush Bronzewing Pigeon New Britain Bronzewing Pigeon Tambourine Dove
Buckley's Ground Dove New Guinea Bronzewing Pigeon Tanna Ground Dove
Cameroon Olive Pigeon Nicobar Pigeon Thick-billed Ground Dove
Cape Dove Nilgiri Wood Pigeon Thick-billed Ground Pigeon
Cape Ringdove Ochre-bellied Dove Timor Black Dove
Caribbean Dove Olive-backed Quail Dove Tolima Dove
Caroline Island Ground Dove Oriental Turtle Dove Triangular-spotted Pigeon
Celebes Quail Dove Pacific Dove  
Ceylon Wood Pigeon Palau Ground Dove Veracruz Quail Dove
Chestnut-quilled Rock Pigeon Pale-backed Pigeon Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Chilean Pigeon Pale-capped Pigeon Vinaceous Dove
Chiriqui Quail Dove Pale-vented Pigeon Violaceous Quail Dove
Common Bronzewing Pigeon Pallid Pigeon Western Crowned Pigeon
Common Ground Dove Partridge Pigeon Wetar Ground Dove
Comoro Olive Pigeon Passenger Pigeon White-bellied Spinifex Pigeon
Costa Rican Quail Dove Peaceful Dove White-collared Pigeon
Crested Cuckoo Dove Pheasant Pigeon White-crowned Pigeon
Crested Quail Dove Philippine Cuckoo Dove White-faced Cuckoo Dove
Delegorgue's Pigeon Picazuro Pigeon White-faced Dove
Diamond Dove Picui Ground Dove White-faced Quail Dove
Dusky Cuckoo Dove Pied Cuckoo Dove White-headed Pigeon
Dusky Pigeon Pink Pigeon White-naped Pigeon
Dusky Turtle Dove   White-quilled Rock Pigeon
Dwarf Turtle Dove Plain Pigeon White-throated Ground Dove
Eared Dove Plumbeous Pigeon White-throated Quail Dove
Emerald-spotted Wood Dove Polynesian Ground Dove White-tipped Dove
Eurasian Collared Dove Purple-winged Ground Dove White-winged Collared Dove
European Turtle Dove Purplish-backed Quail Dove White-winged Dove
European Wood Pigeon Pygmy Ground Dove Wonga Pigeon
Flock Pigeon Red-bellied Spinifex Pigeon Yellow-legged Pigeon
Friendly Quail Dove Red-billed Pigeon Zebra dove
Galapagos Dove Red-eyed Dove Zenaida Dove
Gold-billed Ground Dove    

Information on the different species compiled from the known references for the dove/pigeon species.

IDS thanks the following persons/Institutions for sharing their pictures: Dr. Luis Baptista, Paul Bolden, California Academy of Sciences, Jeff Downing, Jack Eitner, Jacob Hadomi, Charles Hibbert, John House, Crimson Lam, Garrie Landry, Seth Martens, Sharron K Miles, National Geographic Society, Monte Nord, Joe Passintino, John Pire, John Quatro (permission by Juan Torres), Angel Teruel, TFH Publications

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