Grenada Dove
Leptotila wellsi

AKA: Well's Dove, Whistling Dove, Mountain Dove

Distribution: Found in the secondary woodland forests of Grenada Island; extinct in other areas of it's former range in the West Indies. Less then 100 birds inhabit Grenada; 1990 count was 75-85 individuals.

Description: (Lawrence 1884) Length 28-31 cm. The throat is white, face & forehead a pale pink shading to grey & to brown on the crown & nape. Neck, upper breast pinkish buff shading to white on lower breast belly & under tail coverts. Flanks are light brown; upperparts bronzy olive brown. Under wing chestnut; irides whitish yellow; eye cere & eye line to bill red. Legs & feet carmine or coral red. Bill back. Female similar but much duller. Juvenile darker & duller with buff fringes to the feathers.

Nesting: Clutch two white eggs; Incubation 13-15 days, young fledge within two weeks.