Bartlett's Bleeding Heart Pigeon
Gallicolumba criniger

AKA: Bartlett's Blood-breasted; Mindanao Bleeding Heart; Bartlett's Punalada; Hair-breasted Pigeon; Hair-breasted Bleeding-heart

©Crimson Lam

©Jeff Downing

Distribution: Inhabits the forests with well developed understory of both primary & secondary forests of the Philippine Islands of Mindanao, Leyte, Samar & Basilan. Map

Three races described: G. c. criniger (Pucheran 1853); G. c. leytensis (Hartert 1918); G. c bartletti (Sclater 1863).

Description: Length 29 cm. The forehead, crown & nape to mantle, lores a brilliant metallic green; slighter darker & duller on the forehead, lores & sides of head. Back to rump a rich brown with narrow fringes of glossy green. Upper tail coverts & central tails feathers purplish brown. Chin, throat and foreneck white. Breast patch of harsh "hairy" deep crimson red feathers. Lower breast to the undertail coverts a deep rich rust-orange, palest in center of belly & darkest on breast & flanks. Underwing coverts chestnut, blackish on the leading edge. Sexes similar, may be some dimorphism in iris coloration. See SEXING TIP article. Juvenile a dark rich chestnut or reddish brown with metallic fringes to some feathers on the mantle & scapulars. Wing shield coverts dull brown with broad buff tips which produce three distinct wing bars. Belly buff brown.

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Nesting: a single cream colored egg; incubation 15 to 18 days (weather a factor in incubation length); young capable of flight within 15/16 days.