Solomon Island Crowned Pigeon
Microgoura meeki

AKA: Choiseul Pigeon, Solomon Island Pigeon, Solomons Pigeon


1904 John G Keulemans

Distribution: Said to inhabit the coastal limestone cliffs & sparse vegetation areas of Choiseul & Solomon Islands. Not seen since 6 or 7 specimens were obtained by Meek in 1904; data suggests it existed until the early 1940's. 

Description: (Rothschild 1904). Length 31 cm. Forehead & face black, skin of face behind the black area reddish & sparsely feathered. Top of head, including the hairy-looking crest, neck breast & mantle dark bluish grey shading into brown on the lower back. Wings & rump olive brown; tail dark brown glossed with purple. Underparts buff chestnut. Bill had a black upper mandible & a red lower mandible. Had a "gallinule" like frontal shield that was pale whitish blue. iris brown; legs purplish red. 

Nesting: said to lay a single cream colored egg in a shallow depression on the bare ground.