Galapagos Dove
Nesopelia galapagoensis

Dr. Lloyd G. Ingles CAS

Distribution: Endemic to the Galapagos Islands; found in the arid & semi arid rocky & grassy areas where there are trees, bushes or tree cacti.

Two races recognized: 
Z. g. galapagoensis (Gould 1839) throughout Galapagos except Darwin & Wolf.
Z. g. exsul (Rothschild & Hartert 1899) found on Darwin & Wolf. Generally larger & darker than nominate race.

Description: Length 18-23 cm. Head, neck & breast dull wine red to purplish pink which shades to buffish on the belly & pale grey on undertail coverts. Two black facial stripes below & behind the eye enclosing a whish or cream stripe; eye cere light blue or greenish blue with narrow black border; sides of neck having pinkish & bronze patch; upperparts reddish brown; the wing coverts  have black & white markings giving a highly distinctive wing pattern; primary flights black with dull brown tips & narrow white on outer edges; underwing dark bluish grey; central tail feathers brown with narrow black bar, outer tail feathers brown & dark grey or dark grey with subterminal black band & slightly narrow bluish grey terminal bar. Iris dark brown, legs & feet purplish red to purplish pink. Bill black, long & slightly curved downward. Female tends to be paler on the breast which is suffused with dull brown, less iridescence. Juvenile duller & darker brown having reduced reddish suffusion; breast feathering has buff edges, no iridescence on neck; orbital skin dull reddish purple.

Nesting: Clutch two white eggs; Incubation 13-14 days; juveniles fledge within about two weeks.