African Olive Pigeon
Columba arquatrix

AKA: Rameron Pigeon, Yellow-eyed Pigeon, Speckled Wood Pigeon

©Crimson Lam

©Jacob Hadomi

March 1, 2002                      ©Jacob Hadomi                         March 9, 2002

©Monte Nord

Distribution: Inhabits the canopy of the primary & secondary evergreen forests of Eastern Africa form Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Uganda and eastern Belgian Congo to Angola & South Africa. Has been found in the coastal forests, also adapted to the exotic forestry plantations of pine and eucalyptus of South Africa.

Description: (Temminck 1809) Length 38-41 cm. The pictures here depict the species quite well. Females are similar to the male but duller. See pictures showing differences of the sexes.

Nesting: Usually a single white egg (2 egg clutches recorded); incubation 16 days, fledging in about 20 days. Independent in about another ten days.