Dwarf Turtle Dove
Streptopelia tranquebarica

AKA: Red-collared Dove; Red Ringdove; Red Turtle Dove

Tangerine Dwarf Turtle Project

Male                                                                            Female

©John Pire
The newly grown feathers in the area that was plucked come in the typical male red/purple coloration (above)

©John Pire
The areas which correspond to the adult dimorphism areas (as seen in these juvenile open wing pics above) can be plucked while the young are still in the nest. The new feathers will grow in corresponding to adult coloration for the bird's sex. Juvenile male's are reddish purple & female's are grey brown without the buff edging.

The picture below shows Dwarf Turtle Dove hatchlings - 24 hrs old - showing hatching hair dimorphism. The hatchling with "sparse" hatching hair is the male (L) & the hatchling with the "heavy" hatching hair is the female (R).

©John Pire

Distribution: Inhabits the open country with trees, scrub, jungle & dry woodlands of eastern & south eastern Asia from north western India, east to northeastern Tibet & northern China; south to southern India, Burma, Siam, Indo-China; the northern Philippine Island & the Andaman Islands. Map

Two races recognized: S. t. tranquebarica (Hermann 1804); S. t. humilis (Temminck 1824) (S. t. hunilis averages slightly larger and darker coloration then nominate race).

©John Pire (both pics)
Streptopelia t. tranquebarica                                            Streptopelia t. humilis
Note the underwing flight coverts coloration differences - light colored in the nominate race S. t. tranquebarica & dark colored in the subspecies S. t. humilis.

Description: Length 23 cm. This is a dimorphic species. Male has a blue grey head; black neck ring. mantle, upper back, wing coverts throat chest & belly a deep wine red, being a bit more pale on undersides, shading to white on undertail coverts. Lower back, rump, upper tail coverts dark bluish grey. Central tail feathers drab grey, undertail marked black & white. Underwing whitish grey or bluish grey. Primaries black. Bill dark; eyes dark brown to brownish black; Orbital (eye cere) skin grey. Legs & feet dark purplish red or purplish black. Female differs from the male by being a dull brown where the male is wine & grey colored. Under wing coloration same as in the male. Juveniles similar looking to the adult females, having pale buff feather edgings. The juvenile male is slightly darker compared to the juvenile female. Hatching hair dimorphism is also evident.

Voice: Advertising call    Display or Courting call

Nesting: Clutch is 2 white eggs; incubation 14 days; young fledge within 2 more weeks.

NOTE: both male & female do the bowing & coo display; with the female's display it is a bit shorter, but has the intensity of the male.