Caribbean Dove
Leptotila jamaicensis

AKA: Violet Dove, Jamaican Dove, White-fronted Dove, White-bellied Dove

ŠJohn Pire
L. j. jamaicensis

pic HBW
L. j. collaris

Distribution: Commonly found in the semi-arid areas with shrub & tree cover on the islands of Jamaica, Grand Cayman, St. Andrews, Cozumel, Mugeres & Holbox off the Yucatan Peninsula & possibly in Belize; also on San Andres off the coast of Nicaragua . 

Four races recogonized: L. j. jamaicensis (Linnaeus 1766); L. j. gaumeri (Lawrence 1885); L. j. collaris (Cory 1886); L. j. neoxena (Cory 1887).

Description: Length 30-33 cm. Typical "Leptotila" shape of a high sloping forehead, plump, compact body & long legs, Forehead, face & throat white shading to pale grey on hind crown to an iridescent amethyst or purplish on the nape. Sides of neck richly iridescent green or purple on hindneck & golden bronze suffused with purple at sides of the neck. Breast pale pinkish grey having a creamy tinge. Belly & undertail coverts white.  Upperparts olive brown having a bronze tinge. Eyes silver white or yellow  with whitish inner ring & reddish outer ring. Eye cere purple or reddish purple.  Legs & feet red. Female is similar but has less of the neck iridescence than the male. Juvenile is duller having sandy buff or rufous feather edges.


Nesting: 2 white eggs; Incubation 14 -15 days. Fledging in about 10-14 days. 

NOTE: the nominate race is known in US collection in very small numbers. Incubation/fledgling data taken from these captive birds.