Bare-eyed Ground Dove
Metriopelia ceciliae

AKA: Bare-faced Ground Dove, Yellow-eyed Dove, Cecilia's Dove, Spectacled Dove

Female                                                                             Male

Distribution: Found in the arid scrub, rocky slopes, agricultural and urban areas of Peru, Boliva, Argentina & Northern Chile.

Three races accepted: M. c. ceciliae (Lesson 1845); M. c. obsoleta (Zimmer 1924); M. c. zimmeri (Peters 1937).

Description: Length 16-17 cm. A drab brown or greyish brown having pale buff or whitish feather edgings; The grey neck & breast are tinged with vinous pink. Belly & under tail buffish. Female similar, but duller.

Nesting: 2 white eggs, nests in holes & crevices of rock ledges & buildings; in captivity utilizes enclosed nesting boxes (parakeet size).