Nicobar Pigeon
Caloenas nicobarica

AKA: Hackled Pigeon, White-tailed Pigeon, Vulturine Pigeon

pics Garrie Landry, Jeff Downing, Crimson Lam

©Canbulat Sonmez

 Caloenas nicobarica pelewensis
(these two pictures are of the subspecies in the wild)

Description: (Linnaeus 1758) Length: 34 cm.


Nesting: Clutch is a single large white egg; Incubation 27-29 days; juveniles can fledge within 5-6 weeks & gain independence in another two weeks. Young, if kept in well planted large flights, can be left with the parents, but observation is warranted. 

NOTE: Nicobar Pigeons have been recorded as successfully fostering the Crowned Pigeons.