Flock Pigeon
Phaps histrionica

AKA: Harlequin Bronzewing, Harlequin Pigeon

pic HBW

D. Brown

Distribution: Is found mainly in the arid open treeless plains of the interior of Australia; centered in the Barkly Tableland in north western Queensland. However it may be found across the arid interior from Shark Bay (WA) to western Queensland, northern South Australia and north western New South Wales.

Description: (Gould 1848) Length 28 cm. Males have a black head and throat with white forehead and white stripes behind the eye. The upper parts are sandy buff brown shading to slightly darker brown thru the central tail feathers. The flight feathers bluish grey with white tips. The upper chest is white, throat black with the breast and belly a light grey. Vent region chestnut shading to buff yellow under-tail coverts. The eye and bill are dark brown to black and the legs and feet purple-grey to dark red. Females are distinct from males in that they lack the black and white head and have a buff brown breast. Females have grey forehead, crown & rest of upperparts earth brown. White spots on primary flight feathers are  crescent shaped &  buff colored. Juveniles resemble females with less distinct facial markings. The wing shield coverts, flight feathers & breast feathers edged with pale buff, forming a "scalloped effect". Bill is horn color, iris is brown; legs & feet greyish pink.

Nesting: Clutch is 2 glossy white or creamy white eggs. Incubation period: 16 days. Young leave the shallow scrape ground nest at 6-7 days.