Blue Ground Dove
Claravis pretiosa

AKA: Ashy Dove; Cinereous Dove

ŠAngel Teruel

ŠJ.S Dunning
Male                                                                          Female

Distribution: Found in the areas free or with sparse undergrowth in the woodlands of Central & South America; from southern Mexico to Peru, Bolivia, northern Argentina to southern Brazil.

Description: (Ferrari-Perez 1886) Length: 18.5 - 21.5 cm. A highly dimorphic species; males are "blue grey" & females are brown. Males a bright bluish grey , paler on undersides shading to near white on throat & forehead. Black spots edged with grey in rows on wing shields and coverts; primaries black. The two central tail feathers dark bluish grey, outer tail feathers black. Bill greyish green. Eye cere (orbital skin) pale greyish olive green & yellowish; eyes orange, red, pink or yellowish. Female an olive brown underparts to cinnamon brown above. Wing spots are chestnut. Central tail feathers & tail coverts a reddish brown. Juvenile female is similar to the hen, with buff or pale rufous fringes to the feathers. Wing spots are ill defined & paler. The juvenile male resembles the hen, but is darker & the wing spots are dull purplish black; (in above family pic the juvenile male is on the left - next to the adult male).


Nesting: Clutch is two white eggs; incubation 14-15 days, fledgling in about two weeks.