Bonin Wood Pigeon
Columba versicolor

AKA: Bonin Fruit Pigeon, Shining Pigeon, Bonin Island Pigeon, Brown Wood Pigeon


1958 D. M. Reid-Henry

Distribution: Was endemic to the Bonin Islands, only known from 4 specimens which were taken & recorded from Peel & Nakondojima Islands; in 1827, 1828 & 1889. 

Description: Length 45 cm. Similar to the Japanese Wood Pigeon (Columba janthina) but a bit paler having a richer iridescence. Upperparts greyish black with a brilliant iridescent except on wing & tail. Crown has a weak green-purple iridescence, mantle to rump brilliantly iridescent reflecting violet, amethyst & turquoise. Scapulars & remaining mantle glossed golden green with bronze reflections; wing coverts with dark turquoise green suffused with deep blue. Uppertail coverts broadly tipped with golden green. Breast to belly fringed with deep green & violet iridescence, being strongest on the breast. Iris blue or dark blue; bill greenish yellow having a pale tip; legs & feet dark red. This description is from the single male specimen in the British Museum of Natural History (Goodwin 1983). 

Table 1