Chilean Pigeon
Patagioenas araucana

AKA: Chilean Band-tail

ŠJuan Tassara Benardino

Distribution: Found in the wooded country of lowland & hills of Chile & Argentina. Was once considered highly threatened until recently. The species nearly became extinct in 1954 when the population was struck by Newcastles Disease & only a few individuals remained in 1955. The population has recovered considerably & is quite common in some areas of it's range. 

Description: (Lesson 1827) Length 34-35 cm. Head, neck, underparts, mantle & scapulars dark reddish chestnut. Has a narrow white half collar on hindneck just above a bronze green display patch. Wing coverts & inner secondaries dull grey shading to light bluish grey; primaries blackish grey with narrow whitish edge. Back & rump bluish grey, upper tail coverts ash grey. Tail is dark bluish grey at base with a central broad blackish band and has a brownish grey tips. Eyes orange with a narrow yellow or pink outer ring; eye cere thin & purple; legs & feet bright coral red, bill black. Female generally duller overall with less vinous suffusion, sometimes more brownish with only slight reddish purple on mantle. Juvenile: more vinous grey brown where adults are vinous tawny, display feathers on neck having limited development; wing coverts, rump & tail blue grey.

Nesting: A single white egg; incubation (18-20 days) & fledging are similar to the Band-tail Pigeon (P. fasciata).