Barred Dove
Geopelia maugei

AKA: Mauge's Dove, Lesser Sunda Dove; Timor Barred Dove; Temmincks's Zebra Dove

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Distribution: Endemic to Wallacea, central Indonesia, Alor, Atauro, Babar, Flores, Kai, Kisar, Komodo, Kur, Leti, Luang, Manggur, Moa, Moyo, Padar, Pantar, Rinca, Romang, Roti, Sangeang, Sawu, Sermata, Solor, Sumba, Taam, Tanimbar, Tayandu, Teun, Timor, Tomea & Wetar. 

One race recognized: Linnaeus 1766 - sometimes two races (depending on source); the race from Tanimbar, G. m. audacis is said to be darker & more heavily barred & represent the most extreme form.

Description: Length 23 cm. A small, heavily black-barred greyish, long-tailed dove. The barring extends over almost all of the upper & lower body. Unlike the closely related Zebra Dove (G. striata) the chest barring extends completely across it. Eye cere yellow. Sexes alike.

 Nesting: 2 white eggs laid; incubation 13 -15 days.