Pygmy Ground Dove
Columbina minuta

AKA: Plain-breasted Ground Dove, Grey Ground Dove, Little Ground Dove

ŠJeff Downing

Distribution: Found in savannahs, open wastelands, second growth woodlands, cultivated areas & urban areas of it's geographically wide range were it tends to be locally & patchily distributed. Ranges are south-eastern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, British Honduras, south-western Costa Rica, south along the Pacific slope of Panama, northern Columbia, Island of Trinidad, Venezuela, Guianas, Brazil, Paraquay & Pacific coast region.

Four races recognized: C. m. minuta (Linnaeus 1766); C. . amazilia (Bonaparte 1855); C. m. elaeodes (Todd 1913); C. m. interrupta (Griscom 1929).

Description: Length 14-16 cm. Forehead, crown, & nape bluish grey. Face & throat pale pinkish shading to mauve-pink on breast & underparts. Undertail blackish brown with greyish white tips. Flights have reddish brown (chestnut) coloration. Iris is variable: from yellow- brown or orange; eye cere blue grey; bill black legs & feet red. Female duller & ashy grey brown below. Juvenile much duller & more greyish brown with buff feather fringes.

Nesting: Clutch is two white eggs; Incubation is 13-14 days; juvenile fledges within two weeks.