Exotic Species of Doves & Pigeons

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Seed Eating Species
(listed alphabetically by common names)
Fruit Eating Species
(listed alphabetically by common names)
Complete Dove/Pigeon Genus Relationship/Listings
DNA studies from 2001 & continuing have shown new relationships
within this group of birds.
New World Species Name Updates
(AOU data on why these species have been changed)
A French Dove Blog
(Internet Bird Collections)

Ongoing video project
Egg Comparisons US Native Species Genus Relationship Chart
(accepted until 2001)
Web Site Directory Threatened/Endangered Species Mangoverde World Bird Guide

I used the accepted genus names found in the Handbook of the Birds of the World Vol. 4, Pigeons & Doves (Gibbs, Barnes & Cox 2001) & previous reference books. Each author of the different books uses what they feel is correct. Most do agree on about 95% of the classifications.