Celebes Quail Dove
Gallicolumba tristigmata

AKA: Sulawesi Ground Dove, Yellow-breasted Ground Dove, Celebes Ground Dove

ŠJohn Pire

ŠJohn Pire

ŠJohn Pire
ŠJohn Pire


Distribution: An endemic species of the mainland of Sulawesi (Celebes Island) in Indonesia.  Found in primary rainforest & dry forests where it prefers to stay on the ground feeding. Map

Three races recognized: G. t tristigmata (Bonaparte 1855); G. t. bimaculata (Salvadori 1892); G. t. auripectus (Stresemann 1941).

Nominate Race - G. t. tristigmata; note the purple neck band (bird in molt).

Description: Length 35 cm.  Forehead bright golden yellow, crown of head grey tipped with bronze-green. Wide collar of deep purple on back of neck. Face pale  grey shading to white/grey on the throat. Greenish gold on sides of neck, breast creamy gold shading to white on belly & undertail coverts. Hind neck, mantle & upperback olive brown with reddish mauve or pinkish-green or bronze-green iridescence. Remaining upperparts  olive brown shading to reddish brown on wing shields. Primary flights dark brown. Underwing barred white & brown. Eyes brown. Female duller than male. Juvenile brown with rufous edging of the feathers & rusty cream rufous in areas where the adult is white or golden. Neck band dull purple brown.

Voice: (visit Jacob Hadomi's web for more voice/mpeg recordings)

Nesting: Single off white to cream colored egg. Incubation 17-18 days. Young fledge 10 -14 days but are not independent for several more weeks.

NOTE: the race most commonly found in captivity is G. t. bimaculata; this race has purple neck patches on the sides of the neck instead of the continuous band at the back of the neck. Young fledge early, but parents feed them for up to two more months. 

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