Crested Quail Dove
Geotrygon versicolor

AKA: Mountain Witch; Jamaican Quail Dove, Blue Dove

©Jacob Hadomi

Head & nape feathers which show the bird's " crest"
©Dr Ivano Pelicella

Distribution: Endemic to the island of Jamaica. Found in the humid & wet forests & the thicker secondary growth of the island, where it prefers to search thru the leaf littered forest floor for food items; which can include grubs, snails, seeds, small fruits & insects

Description: (Lafresnaye 1846) Length 27-31 cm. Forehead blackish grey shading to blue grey on crown & buff grey on hindneck. The head & nape feathers form a short cap-like crest. Hindneck & upper mantle dull glossed metallic bronze or bronze-green. Broad reddish buff malar stripe extends across the face just below the eye. Mantle & upper wing shield iridescent reddish purple shading to deep bluish purple on lower wing shields. Primary flight feathers bright chestnut with blackish grey inner webs.  Remaining upperparts & tail a greenish black  with slight purple iridescence. Belly & flanks  purple chestnut. Small narrow eye cere scarlet or reddish. Legs & feet pinkish. Female duller version typically being paler & browner on neck, belly & vent area. Juvenile duller & having rusty feather edges.


Nesting: Clutch is two cream buff to creamy-white eggs; incubation 13-15 days. Juveniles fledge in about two weeks.

Notes: There is a slight dimorphism found in this species; which many breeders of this species utilize. Click on this link & see the pictures.