Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Goura victoria

AKA: White-tipped Crowned Pigeon, White-tipped Goura, Victoria Goura, Mambruk

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Goura victoria beccarii

Goura victoria beccarii

Distribution: Endemic to northern New Guinea from the head of Geelvink Bay east to Collingwood Bay & the islands of Yapen,Biak & Supiori. Prefers lowland forests, seasonally flooded & drier forests.

Races: two races accepted; 
G. v. victoria (Fraser 1844), the nominate race found on Yapen, Biak & Supiori), markedly smaller in size then G. v. beccarii, more sparse crest, the "spatulated" tips smaller. The plumage color a bit slightly darker. 
G. v. beccarii (Salvadori 1876), found northern mainland New Guinea. 

Description: very similar in color & shape to the other "Crowned" Pigeons; the "crest" feathers are white tipped making the crest more beautiful then the crests of the others. Breast area dark purplish red or maroon becoming greyish towards the rear & merging into the blue grey belly, thighs & undertail coverts. The wing patch is a pale greyish blue edged with dark purple red or maroon. Iris dark red; orbital skin dark grey; bill slaty-grey with brownish tip; feet dull purplish red.

Voice: Similar to the two other Crowned Pigeons.

Nesting: Single white egg, incubation by both parents 28-30 days; fledges at about 4 weeks being about 1/4 of the adult size. Parents tend to fledging for up to about 13 weeks.

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NOTES: no data is available which states which race is commonly available in captivity or even if both races may be in captivity.