Q. I am looking for aviary plans or pictures.
            Check out these simple designs: IDS Aviaries (links at bottom of page); Wade Oliver's simple backyard flight (The Dove Page). Also check out the other flight designs/pictures listed on the DOVE PAGE

Q. Is there any way to tell if my Ringneck is a hybrid with the Eurasian Collared Dove? Yes, check out the several tips that can help ID this type of hybrid.

Q. Is there a BLOG for Doves? Yes, follow this link (DOVE BLOG), it is in French, but there are excellent color photos of the doves.

Q. What is the genetic code for the Wild Type Ringneck?
            John Fowler & Dr Wilmer J Miller have supplied this answer.

Q. Are there any articles dealing with the Ringneck Genetics?
            Yes, click on the above question for article on the Ringneck Genetics in simple to understand language.

Q. Are Frosty & Pied Alleles?
            John Fowler sent data on this question.

Q. What does an "overgrown bill" look like & can it be corrected?

Q. What is avian pox & what does it look like?

Q. What is meant by GRIZZLING in the feathers?
            View pictures showing the differences between these two facets.

Q. I have heard the term "Rosy Tangerine" What is the difference between Rosy Tangerine & Tangerine?
            A controversial question with some breeders; but now data shows the differences.

Q. I have heard the term “minimal pearled”. What does this term refer to & look like?
            Check out the pictures of the minimal pearled & the explanation.

Q. How do I determine what color young my pair of Ringnecks will produce?
            *John Fowler's Simple Breeding Combinations Chart
            *Phenotype & Genotype Chart - The Dove Page
            *Dr Miller's Mathematical Formula

Q. What are the visual differences between the Tufted & Crested?
            Check out the information on these two single feather mutants.

Q. I see a "bug" crawling on & under my doves feathers: 1. What are they?  2. How can I get rid of them?
            *They are commonly called: "Pigeon Fly" or "Pigeon Louse Fly"  Information
            *You can also find treatments at most Pigeon Supply web sites or your local feed store.

Q. My dove is laying "soft shelled eggs" - why?
            *The main cause is a lack of calcium in the bird's system. Soft Shelled egg picture & some info

            *Do a search on the Internet, many of the results are for other bird species, but helpful tips can be applied to your doves.

Q. Can you help me with the below questions?
*Can you direct me to information on Egg Binding?
            *How many days does it take to lay the clutch of eggs?
            *How many days does it take before the eggs hatch?
How do I check the fertility of a dove eggs?
            *What does a fertile dove egg look like?
What is a “double” egg shell?
            *What is "Slay Leg" & can it be treated?

Q. How can I determine what color the hatchling or juvenile may be?
            Yes, check out these two pages of pictures comparisons: hatchlings ---- juveniles

Q. How do I band a baby Ringneck Dove?

Q. What can I use for nests?
            *Different household containers

            *Dr Miller's Simple Card Board Nest

Q. I am looking for simple feed& water containers
            * Homemade/Store Bought Feeders/Waterers
            *Watering systems

Q. Can the age of juvenile doves be determined?
            *Yes, if they are one year old or younger.

Q. Can I use plastic colored leg bands?
            *There are several leg band companies listed on the LINKS page.

Q. Is there any type of confirmation standard available for the doves?
            Yes, the ADA has a "SHOW STANDARD" along with a written STANDARD for the Ringneck Dove.

Q. Is there any handfeeding information & tips available for doves?
            Yes, there are tips, formulas and handfeeding tools you can utilize. Check out all the above links.

Q. Are there any mpegs of Ringnecks courting, etc?
            Yes, check out the short movies & voice recordings on the above link. Behavior Pictures

Q. Are there any Record Keeping Forms available?
            Yes, there are many record keeping forms, this link has some downloadable forms you can use.

Q. Where can I locate books on doves?
            Check out the IDS book page.

Q. How do I identify the ECD (Eurasian Collared Dove) from the common Ringneck Dove?
            *They are two distinct species within the same genus. Check the info out.

Q. Can doves & pigeons interbreed?
            Yes, here is a list of known hybrids

Q. What is a: Mosiac Ringneck Dove?

Q. What were the first Ringneck colors discovered?
               * The Blond (Fawn) & the White color phases were thought to be the first Ringneck colors kept in captivity.

Q. How long can a pigeon egg be kept before fertility is reduced?

Q. Is there an E-group for the Doves?
            Yes sign up here

FYI: Check out the TIPS & INFO page for more information & help topics.

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