Tangerine or Rosy Tangerine
by John Fowler

The description of the tangerine as presented in Lockhart's book,
Ringneck Dove Colors, is that of the rosy tangerine or a tangerine
bird that is homozygous for rosy. This fits almost 100% of the birds
referred to as tangerine in my opinion. You may want to check my
article in the May/June DoveLine discussing the autosomal codominant
genes. I give a rather lengthy discussion of the history of
tangerine. From that history it is very likely that all orange and
tangerine doves are homozygous for rosy.

John P correctly describes the tangerine and rosy tangerine as having
silvery flights and neck rings. The action of the tangerine gene is
to block the eumelanin (black-browns) while the phaeomelanin (red-
yellows) is unaffected. A double dose of the tangerine gene
(homozygous) blocks all of the eumelanin. There is little
phaeomelanin in the neck ring, the flight feathers and the undertail
bar and as a result the neck ring, flight feathers, and undertail bar
of the homozygous tangerine (Ta//Ta) are white or near white. A
single dose of the tangerine gene (heterozygous Ta//+) blocks some of
the eumelanin and as a result the neck ring and flight feathers take
on the silvery gray look and the undertail bar is reduced.

below comment by John Pire
It seems that some clarification on bill coloration or what constitutes a dark or light bill needs defining. I talked with John Fowler & Dr. Miller on this facet. This needs a lot more research & testing. For now though, I kind of agree with the "bill coloration" as a way to determine if the bird is a Rosy Tangerine or a Tangerine (very questionable at this time), at least until John fowler or myself can test this facet within our own birds.
Do not take this data & consider it as totally accurate.
From data I have collected recently (2006-2007) it shows the Rosy can have a dark bill as well. So the above info on "bill coloration" as a determining factor for positive ID of Tangerine or Rosy Tangerine is not accurate.
I have asked for info on the "bill coloration" of Rosy from breeders here in the US & in Europe; 40 plus birds have been counted & the "black or dark" bill coloration seems to be prevalent in Rosy more then 2 to 1. If your interested in this facet, go to the Rosy page & email your data on your Rosy Ringneck Bill coloration (pics are there to compare with)

Tangerine - no influence of "rosy"

©John Pire
Ta// - Female

The 2 pictures below depict Rosy-Tangerine (France). Both are (ry//ry Ta+)

The above bird definitely has a "typical rosy (?)" colored bill coloration.

©Fanch Gourvès (France)

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