aka: pigeon pox

Avian Pox is seen within the Dove & Pigeon groups, as well as other bird species. It is mainly seen as lesions on the beaks, eye ceres or legs & feet of a bird. It is caused from a mosquito biting the exposed skin of the bird. The "pox virus" is very contagious to other bird within the same flight.

Below are four pictures which show "avian pox" on a Ringneck Dove which has been infected on the soft tissue of the inside of the bill & cere. IDS appreciates Sandy Mento for sharing the pictures of her bird so that others can see what this virus looks like.

The enlarged lesion sacs usually harden & turn black, these then can be picked off the bird, care should be taken as the area can bleed. It is best to allow the lesions to fall off themselves.

You can do a search on the WWW for  "pigeon pox or avian pox" & locate much more information.

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