Hatching Data Results
by John Pire (1-2006)
This info does not represent all species in the dove/pigeon family. It does give the fancier an idea of what to expect in their own breeding situations.


I compiled some data I had recorded for egg laying times in 11 species of dove/pigeon in my collection for the years 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 & thru May 2005. I wanted to look at the average time it took for the fertile eggs to hatch for the listed species.


The species I compiled data from were: ACD (African Collared Dove); Diamond Dove; Dwarf Turtle Dove; ECD (Eurasian Collared Dove); Green-winged Dove; Laceneck Dove; Pied Imperial Pigeon; Ringneck Dove; Senegal Dove; Vinaceous Dove & White-winged Dove.


One conclusion I found is that when two eggs were laid in a clutch & both eggs hatched the same day, it was because incubation was not started with the laying of the first egg. In looking at the hand written notes this was usually because the hen did not begin setting the 1st egg until the 2nd egg was laid or started setting within about 10 hours of the 2nd egg being laid.


I did not record data for weather, humidity or other factors that could have possibly affected the laying & hatching times. Most of the odd hatching lengths are due to the pair not setting the 1st egg or there was a two to three day period between the two eggs being laid.


In the years I compiled the data and using the 11 different species there was a total of 314 clutches laid. Of the 314 clutches laid, 279 clutches contained 2 eggs and 35 clutches had only a single egg laid (in these 35 single egg clutches all eggs hatched). Of the 279 clutches with two eggs being laid, 169 clutches had both eggs hatch & 110 clutches had only a single egg hatch.


I did not include the infertile or dead in the shell egg data below which comprised the non-hatching laid egg data of the 110 two egg clutches where only a single egg hatched. Infertility was the major reason recorded though.  I only Recorded 4 DIS (dead in shell) eggs.


Below I listed the species, total number of eggs laid, number of days to hatch & number of eggs hatched for each listed number of days.


ACD: 28 total eggs laid; 13 days (1); 14 days (22); 15 days (5)

Diamond Dove: 34 total eggs laid; 12 days (16); 13 days (17); 14 days (1) Note: the 14 day time is due to the 2nd egg being laid two days after the 1st egg before incubation started & both eggs hatching on same day.

Dwarf Turtle Dove: 40 total eggs laid; 12 days (3); 13 days (12); 14 days (16); 15 days (9)

ECD: 18 total eggs laid; 13 days (2); 14 days (9); 15 days (7)

Green-winged Dove: 7 total eggs laid; 13 days (2); 14 days (5)

Laceneck: 9 total eggs laid; 13 days (4); 14 days (5)

Pied Imperial Pigeon: 2 total eggs laid; 22 days (1); 23 days (1) NOTE: this species lays only single egg clutches.

Ringneck (color mutants did not have any affect): 141 total eggs laid; 13 days (12); 14 days (89); 15 days (34); 16 days (6)

Senegal Dove: 148 total eggs laid; 12 days (5); 13 days (76); 14 days (57); 15 days (9); 17 days (1) Note: the 17 day length was due to a two day period between the eggs& both eggs hatched same day.

Vinaceous Dove: 61 total eggs laid; 12 days(5); 13 days (13); 14 days (40); 15 days (3)

White-winged: 1 total egg laid; 14 days (1)