Which One Do I Have?

Tufted or Crested

Determining which "mutation" you have is quite simple. One just needs a little definition on the two terms in use. Sometimes there are names used by different fanciers which refer to the same mutation. The "dove clubs" have a list of the accepted names to use. These names best describe the mutation. Using the accepted terms also helps the bird exhibitors in getting their birds entered into the correct show category. Many a "winner" was disqualified because it was entered into the wrong class. Using the accepted names applies to all the accepted colors & not just these two.

The International Dove Society is using the following two terms; TUFTED & CRESTED as the names for the respective two mutations. IDS also feels that these terms should become the "standard" for these two mutants. Names such as "Nasal Tufted, Front Crested, Back Crested, Back Tufted" can become confusing to the fanciers.

Malek al Wazzan in Kuwait, began using the term "Crested" for the mutation when he first found this mutant and began working with it. IDS feels this term best suits this mutation. CRESTED = the tuft of feathers at the back of the head area.

©John Pire

Tufted can be a bit more confusing, many use the name "Nasal Tufted" for this mutation. The "tuft" on this mutation is on the forehead of the bird & not the nasal (nose) of the bird. IDS believes that the term TUFTED best suits the mutant & should be used in preference to the other names. TUFTED = the "tuft" of feathers at the front or forehead of the bird.

©Robin Russell

The pictures on this page depicting the two mutants are in no way the only way the mutants can look. They are only to show the position of the "tuft" of feathers. There is a lot of variation in each.