Automatic & Manual Waterers

Here are a few pictures showing the watering systems I use on my walk in flights & the ringneck breeders cages. Also some individual bottle waterers that can be used.

©John Pire
The above picture shows the automatic wateres I purchased from Wal-Mart. Sometimes the "plastic float" inside the back needs to be adjusted to fill the bowl to a higher level than what is set for dogs. I choose the waterers that have the straightest back; if they are to bowed inwards the float is affected & does not adjust properly.

©John Pire
The above picture shows some containers I purchased at the $1 store. I attached these bowls with stainless wire hooks (homemade from stainless wire) to the cage wire. These are filled by manually opening the water valve.

Both styles of waterers can be hosed out from the outside of the flights.

©John Pire
The above picture shows the 1" PVC system I use for my Ringneck Breeders cages. This has to be manually filled each day.

©John Fowler
John Fowler uses the "aluminum" pop-bottle waters. These types of "pop-bottle containers" also come in plastic, as seen below in a picture from Michael Pierce in Florida. Many types of plastic or glass bottles an be used for these type of wateres.

©Michael Pierce

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