Most of these pictures show hatchlings or juvenile birds. These pictures show the differences between some of the colors at hatching or pin feathers.

Orange (L) & Blond (R)                                     Blond (L) & Rosy (R)

           Blond (L) & White (R)                                Blond (L) & Blond Frosty (R)

Wild Type Pied (L) & Blond Pied (R) Hatchlings

Ivory Chicks (R. Stephenson - Eng.)                              Peach Hatchlings (Lisa May - CA)

    Blond (L) & Ivory (R)                               Tangerine (L) & Wild Type (R)

OP (L) & TP (R)                                                  OP (L) & TP (R)
(OP=Orange Pearled & TP=Tangerine Pearled)

©Jeff Downing                                                                                     ©Mary Ellen Robinson
Crested (L) & Tufted (R) showing the abnormal positions of the pin feathers in that mutants area.

This is a work in progress & IDS needs your help in obtaining as many pictures of the hatchling or juvenile Ringneck color mutations. Please share your pictures so fanciers around the world can benefit. You can use this link to obtain information or email your pictures.

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