Fruit Eating Species

Bird lengths are listed as Millimeters (mm) or Centimeters (cm) - use the following formulas to convert to inches:
1 mm = 0.04"         1 cm = .3937"
mm X .04 = inches           cm X .3937 = inches

African Green Pigeon Lilac-capped Fruit Dove Red-eared Fruit Dove
Amethyst Brown Fruit Dove Little Green Pigeon Red-knobbed Imperial Pigeon
Atoll Fruit Dove Long-tailed Mountain Pigeon Red-moustached Fruit Dove
Baker's Imperial Pigeon Madagascar Blue Pigeon Red-naped Fruit Dove
Beautiful Fruit Dove Madagascar Green Pigeon Rose-crowned Fruit Dove
Black Imperial Pigeon Makatea Fruit Dove Rufescent Imperial Pigeon
Black-backed Fruit Dove Many-colored Fruit Dove Sao Tome Green Pigeon
Black-banded Fruit Dove Marianas Fruit Dove Scarlet-breasted Fruit Dove
Black-chinned Fruit Dove Maroon-chinned Fruit Dove Seychelles Blue Pigeon
Black-knobbed Imperial Pigeon Marquesan Imperial Pigeon Silver-capped Fruit Dove
Black-naped Fruit Dove Mauritius Blue Pigeon Silver-shouldered Fruit Dove
Blue-capped Fruit Dove Micronesian Imperial Pigeon Sombre Pigeon
Carunculated Fruit Dove Mindoro Imperial Pigeon Spotted Imperial Pigeon
Celebes Imperial Pigeon Mountain Imperial Pigeon Sumba Green Pigeon
Chestnut-bellied Imperial Pigeon Negros Fruit Dove Superb Fruit Dove
Christmas Island Imperial Pigeon New Caledonian Pigeon Thick-billed Green Pigeon
Cinnamon-bellied Imperial Pigeon New Zealand Pigeon Timor Green Pigeon
Cinnamon-headed  Green Pigeon Orange Dove Timor Imperial Pigeon
Cloven-feathered Dove Orange-bellied Fruit Dove Tooth-billed Pigeon
Comoro Blue Pigeon Orange-breasted Fruit Dove Topknot Pigeon
Cook Island Fruit Dove Orange-fronted Fruit Dove Torres Strait Imperial Pigeon
Cream-bellied Fruit Dove Ornate Fruit Dove Wallace's Fruit Dove
Crimson-crowned Fruit Dove Pacific Imperial Pigeon Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon
Dark-backed Imperial Pigeon Palau Fruit Dove Whistling Dove
Dark-eared Brown Fruit Dove Pale Mountain Pigeon White-bellied Green Pigeon
Dwarf Fruit Dove Papuan Mountain Pigeon White-bellied Imperial Pigeon
Elegant Imperial Pigeon Peale's Imperial Pigeon White-bibbed Fruit Dove
Finsch's Imperial Pigeon Pemba Green Pigeon White-capped Fruit Dove
Flame-breasted Fruit Dove Pied Imperial Pigeon White-eared Brown Fruit Dove
Flores Green Pigeon Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeon White-eyed Imperial Pigeon
Golden Dove Pink-headed Fruit Dove White-headed Fruit Dove
Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon Pink-headed Imperial Pigeon Wompoo Fruit Dove
Grey-green Fruit Dove Pink-necked Green Pigeon Yellow-bellied Green Pigeon
Green Imperial Pigeon Pink-spotted Fruit Dove Yellow-bellied Pin-tailed Green Pigeon
Grey Imperial Pigeon Pinon Imperial Pigeon Yellow-bibbed Fruit Dove
Grey-headed Fruit Dove Pin-tailed Green Pigeon Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove
Grey-headed Imperial Pigeon Polynesian Imperial Pigeon Yellow-footed Green Pigeon
Henderson Island Fruit Dove Pompadour Green Pigeon Yellow-headed Dove
Island Imperial Pigeon Purple-tailed Imperial Pigeon Yellow-tinted Imperial Pigeon
Jambu Fruit Dove Rapa Fruit Dove Yellow-vented Green Pigeon
Knob-billed Fruit Dove Red-bellied Fruit Dove Zoe's Imperial Pigeon
Large Green Pigeon Red-bibbed fruit Dove  

Information on the different species compiled from the known references for the dove/pigeon species.

IDS thanks the following persons/Institutions for sharing their pictures: Dr. Luis Baptista, Paul Bolden, California Academy of Sciences, Jeff Downing, Jack Eitner, Jacob Hadomi, Charles Hibbert, John House, Crimson Lam, Garrie Landry, Seth Martens, Sharron K Miles, National Geographic Society, Monte Nord, Joe Passintino, John Pire, John Quatro (permission by Juan Torres), Angel Teruel, TFH Publications

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