Wompoo Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus magnificus

AKA: Magnificent Fruit Dove, Purple-breasted Fruit Dove, Purple-bellied Pigeon, Wompoo Pigeon

©Shirley Curtis                                ©Crimson Lam                                            ©Jeff Downing

The three pictures above are the race: Ptilinopus magnificus puella; the three pictures below are the nominate race Ptilinopus magnificus magnificus in Australia.

Australian race pics courtesy of Ian Montgomery - Australia

The Australian race has never been imported into the US; it is about the size of the Pied Imperial Pigeon. The race commonly offered for sale by exporters around the world is from New Guinea & this race is about the size of the Ringneck Dove (Streptopelia risoria).

Voice: (Dave Stewart)

Nesting: Clutch is a single white egg; incubation recorded as 18-21 days; juveniles fledge in two to three weeks.