Seychelles Blue Pigeon
Alectroenas pulcherrima

AKA: Seychelles Blue Fruit Dove, Red-crowned Wart Pigeon, Red-crowned Blue Pigeon, Wart-faced Blue Pigeon

ŠAfrican Bird Society

Distribution: It is found in reasonable populations throughout the Seychelles Islands. Can be seen from sea level to mountain tops. An arboreal species feeding mainly on the fruits, berries & seeds of Ficus & other trees. 

Description: (Scopoli 1786). Length 24 cm. About the size of the common Streptopelia risoria, being more heavily built & compact. Throat, sides of face & nape pearly grey shading to darker silver grey on the rest of the head, neck & breast. These feathers bifurcated & elongated can be raised when excited, giving a ruffled look. Rest of plumage dark blackish blue. Orbital skin forms a large patch of bright crimson red fleshy patch extending to forehead & crown.  Irides: yellowish orange inner ring, red outer ring. Bill dull reddish with yellowish or horn colored tip. Legs & partially feathered legs grey. Female: slightly duller with some paler edging on the body feathering. Head & neck areas more greyish. Juvenile: bronzy green, wings & mantle glossy emerald green having pale yellowish edges. Head & neck duller & dull greenish grey. Facial skin less & dull brownish.

Nesting: Single white egg (2 egg clutches have been recorded); incubation 28 days; young fledge in about 14 days.

NOTES: Dr Jean Delacour (1929); states the birds kept in his private collection, in Cleres, France had become extremely aggressive when in breeding condition.

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