Topknot Pigeon
Lopholaimus antarcticus

AKA: Flock Fruit Pigeon, Crested Fruit Pigeon

©HBW-Glen Threflo

©Bruce Campbell

Distribution: Endemic to the east coast of Australia where it is found from Cape York to northeastern Victoria. Inhabits the evergreen rainforests and adjacent ridges. Forages in the forest canopy of sheltered gullies & gorges. can now be found venturing into the cleared open agricultural areas to feed on the introduced trees. 

Description: Pictures above depict the species very well including coloration. Females tend to shorter crests less obvious trifurcated breast feathers when compared to the male. Juveniles: crest less developed, browner coloration on head, chest are mottled, iris dark brown, bill & feet reddish brown. (see drawing below).

©Gibbs, Barnes, Cox