Madagascar Blue Pigeon
Alectroenas madagascariensis

AKA: Madagascar Blue Fruit Dove, Red-tailed Blue Pigeon

ŠAfrican Bird Society

Distribution: An endemic species occurring in eastern & the northern parts of Madagascar. It inhabits primarily the humid forests, secondary forest habitats adjacent or close to the primary forests, nearby orchards & plantations where they feed on the fruiting trees. Found in groups of 3 to 12 birds, somewhat locally migratory.

Description: Linnaeus 1766. Length 25-28 cm. About the size of the common Ringneck Dove (Streptopelia risoria) having a heavier body & shorter tail & bill. Forehead, crown & nape blackish indigo; the hindneck & sides of the neck, throat & breast silver bluish grey. Body blackish blue with silvery tinge on mantle & primary flight feathers.  The two outermost tail feathers blackish blue with red patch near the tip. rest of tail feathers, upper & undertail coverts dark red or purplish crimson. Eyes - red or reddish-orange outer ring & a greenish yellow inner ring.  Orbital skin (eye cere) bright red. Bill greenish with yellow or horn tip. Feet legs dull red. Female similar to male but may be less bright overall. Juvenile mostly dark bluish green & greyish green having pale yellowish/fawn fringes to  many feathers. Eye cere smaller & duller purplish red. Tail & tail coverts as in adults.

Nesting: single white egg; no other data recorded. 

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