Rose-crowned Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus regina

AKA: Pink-capped Fruit Dove, Red-crowned Fruit Dove, Swainson's Fruit Dove, Blue-spotted Fruit Dove, Grey-capped Fruit Dove, Pink-crowned Fruit Dove

©Glenn Threlfo
Ptilinopus regina regina

©Crimson Lam
Ptilinopus regina ewingii


Nesting: Clutch is a single white egg; Incubation is 16-18 days; juveniles fledge within 12 days. A poor diet with low protein levels can affect the length of time of fledging; it can be increased to about 3 weeks.

Voice: (©Dave Stewart)

Note: feeding a protein rich diet during rearing of the chicks may be applied to all species of Fruit doves/pigeons.