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Alan P. Peterson, M.D., POB 1999, Walla Walla, WA 99362-0999,
Last updated 2006.01.21
J Pire (2-2006): FYI: do not accept this list as the defining compilation of the entire Columbiformes. I found some of the Latin names in this list had different spelling then what is listed elsewhere. I contacted Dr Peterson asking about the different spellings & I have included his reply. Also in going thru this list I found distinct species listed in all other lists that were left off of this list. I added them & made a notation next to them in red.  I have not yet finished checking the list of accepted subspecies & may find some differences as well.

per Dr Peterson (2/10/2006): "I basically follow Howard & Moore 3rd. Ed. in this matter. David and Gosselin  BBOC. 2002 122:257-282 have established Treron to be masculine, and the current Code requires (foolishly in my opinion) agreement in some (not all) instances with the gender of the specific epithet with the gender of the genus-group name.  This makes it all very confusing, very difficult to sort out on one's own, and produces endless headaches as generic revisions occur."

Version 5.14 (2006.01.21). Bold species epithet = type


44 Genera 314 sp. (2005.05.08)


Raphus† (m.) Brisson 1760 Orn. 1 p.46 5 p.14

Pezophaps† (f.) Strickland 1848 Dodo p.46,54



Columba (f.) Linnaeus 1758 Syst.Nat.ed.10 p.162 Concept

Patagioenas (f.) Reichenbach 1852 Av.Syst.Nat. p.XXV Concept

Streptopelia (f.) Bonaparte 1855 Compt.Rend. 40 p.17 Concept

Macropygia (f.) Swainson 1837 Class.Birds 2 p.348 Type

Reinwardtoena (f.) Bonaparte 1854 Compt.Rend. 39 p.1112 Nomenclature

Turacoena (f.) Bonaparte 1854 Compt.Rend. 39 p.1112 Citation

Turtur (m.) Boddaert 1783 TablePlanchesEnlum. p.10

Oena (f.) Swainson 1837 Class.Birds 2 p.349

Chalcophaps (f.) Gould 1843 BirdsAustr. pt13 pl.8

Henicophaps (f.) Gray,GR 1862 PZS(1861) Pt3 p.432 Type

Phaps (f.) Selby 1835 Nat.Hist.Pig. p.194

Ocyphaps (f.) Gray,GR 1842 ListGen.BirdsEd.2Appendix p.12

Geophaps (f.) Gray,GR 1842 ListGen.BirdsEd.2Appendix p.12

Trugon (f.) Gray,GR 1849 Gen.Birds 3 App. p.24

Leucosarcia (f.) Gould 1843 BirdsAustr. pt13 pl.9

Petrophassa (f.) Gould 1841 PZS(1840) Pt8 no.95 p.173

Geopelia (f.) Swainson 1837 Class.Birds 2 p.348

Ectopistes† (m.) Swainson 1827 Zool.J. 3 p.362

Zenaida (f.) Bonaparte 1838 Geogr.Comp.ListBirdsEur.N.Am. p.41 Concept

Columbina (f.) Spix 1825 Av.Sp.Nov.Brasil. 2 p.57,58

Claravis (f.) Oberholser 1899 Proc.Acad.Nat.Sci.Philadelphia 51 p.203

Metriopelia (f.) Bonaparte 1855 Compt.Rend. 40 p.23

Uropelia (f.) Bonaparte 1855 Compt.Rend. 40 p.220

Leptotila (f.) Swainson 1837 Class.Birds 2 p.349 Type Nomenclature

Geotrygon (f.) Gosse 1847 BirdsJamaica p.316

Starnoenas (f.) Bonaparte 1838 Geogr.Comp.ListBirdsEur.N.Am. p.41

Caloenas (f.) Gray,GR 1840 ListGen.Birds p.59

Gallicolumba (f.) Heck 1849 Bild.-AtlasConv.-Lex. 1 p.434

Microgoura† (f.) Rothschild 1904 BBOC 14 p.77,78


Otidiphaps (f.) Gould 1870 Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist.(4) 5 p.62


Goura (f.) Stephens 1819 Gen.Zool.[Shaw] 11 pt1 p.119


Didunculus (m.) Peale 1848 U.S.Expl.Exped. 8 p.208


Phapitreron (m.) Bonaparte 1854 Compt.Rend. 39 p.879

Treron (m.) Vieillot 1816 Analyse p.49

Ptilinopus (m.) Swainson 1825 Zool.J. 1 p.473

Drepanoptila (f.) Bonaparte 1855 Compt.Rend. 41 p.658

Alectroenas (f.) Gray,GR 1840 ListGen.Birds p.58

Ducula (f.) Hodgson 1836 As.Res. 19 p.160

Lopholaimus (m.) Gould 1841 BirdsAustr. pt5 pl.7

Hemiphaga (f.) Bonaparte 1854 Compt.Rend. 39 p.1076

Cryptophaps (f.) Salvadori 1893 Cat.BirdsBrit.Mus. 21 p.182,219

Gymnophaps (f.) Salvadori 1874 Ann.Mus.Civ.Stor.Nat.Genova 6 p.86