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Adding Doves to Your Collection bullet

Age Determination & Charts bullet

Albino Mutation  bullet

Australian Crested Dove bullet

Basic Genetics bullet

Blue Green Wing - Discovery bullet

Breeding the Cape Dove bullet

Breeding Chart - Simple Line Breeding Chart bullet

Breeding Ringnecks - What do I get? (Dr Miller's Mathematical Formula) bullet

Cape Doves - New Zealand Aviculturist bullet

Classifications of Stretopelia & Columba bullet

Other Interesting research articles  bullet

Common Bronzewing bullet

Dead In Shell - some good information on this problem bullet

Diamond Dove Color Explosion bullet

Diamond Dove Colors Q/A bullet

Diamond Dove - Flight Breeding System bullet

Diamond Dove - Individual Cage Breeding bullet

Diamond Dove Articles - More Articles  bullet

Doves Bred By Me - Pakistani Aviculturist bullet

Dove & Pigeon Taxonomy - there has been DNA work done & new species names adopted bullet

Eurasian Collared Doves - Color Mutations bullet

Hand Feeding Data & Formulas bullet

How to Solve Breeding-Data Problems bullet

Ivory Ringneck History bullet

Known Dove/Pigeon Hybrids bullet

Luzon Bleeding Hearts bullet

Minerals - ADAN bullet

Ochre Mourning Dove Genetics bullet


Pedigree Analysis bullet

Plant Lists bullet

Putting on Leg Bands - drawings & tips bullet

Record Keeping Forms - All Forms Can Be Downloaded bullet

Ringeck Doves - basic information bullet

Ringneck Genetics - Definitions (Good Info for the Beginner) bullet

Ringneck Genetics - Sex-Linked Genes (Good Info for the Beginner) bullet

Ringneck Genetics - Autosomal Genes (Good Info for the Beginner) bullet

Ringneck Genetics - Prediction Method (Good Info for the Beginner) bullet

Ringneck History bullet

Senegal Dove Dimorphism - 100% accurate bullet

Sexing Tips bullet

Shipping Doves - excellent information for shipping your doves thru the Post Office bullet

Suspension of Incubation of Pigeon Eggs bullet

Tangerine Ringneck - John Fowler bullet

Triangular-Spotted Pigeon bullet

Voice Comparison - Cape Ringdove & Vinaceous Dove bullet

Vinaceous Ringdove bullet

Wild Type - Our Starting Point bullet

White-crowned Pigeon bullet

Zebra Doves in Texas

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