Bolle's Pigeon
Columba bollii

AKA: Bolle's Laurel Pigeon, Dark-tailed Laurel Pigeon


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Distribution: Inhabits the laurel forests of the Canary Islands; also found feeding in the cultivated areas. 

Description: (Goodman 1872) Length 35-37 cm. Forehead, crown & nape dark slate grey; display feathering on either side of neck is a bronze green iridescent patch with no white. Mantle, back, scapulars, wing shield, & rump  a uniform dark slate grey. Secondary flights dark grey shading to blackish on the primaries. Underparts a paler slate grey; breast a pastel maroon. Tail feathers a blackish grey with a pale grey tail band, more apparent when seen from below. Iris yellow with red ring; eye cere is a narrow purplish red ring. Bill is red with powdery white cere. Legs & feet dull red. Female: duller then male. Juvenile: generally browner overall without iridescence, buff edges to many feathers giving the youngster a scaled look. Legs & feet dull brownish red.

Nesting: A single white egg is laid; incubation by both parents of 18-19 days; fledging period about a month; young remain dependent on parents another couple of weeks.