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©Mary Ellen Robinson

This bird has a white body, wing and tail. There is sometimes traces of tangerine pearling on the back and shoulders. The head, neck and breast is a rich violet color with a bright white neck ring. The eye color is chestnut red. There is sometimes a white "cap" on the top of the head. Bill color is dark. Juvenile plumage is similar to the Orange Neck juvenile plumage.
Data indicates that the "modifier gene" can affect the amount of tangerine coloration (pearling) on the back & wing shields. A double dose of the "modifier gene" produces almost solid white on back & wing shields; a single dose of the "modifier gene" can have varying degrees of the pearling & coloration in these areas. See the Comparisons

(courtesy Glenn Grigsby)

©Kirsten Skiles
The parents of these two juvenile VN are: VN male & Tangerine Pearled female (female parent is in background).
The juvenile birds are about 19 days old.

Combination Colors