Violet Neck - Comparisons - Orange Neck

From breeders who have kept & raised the VN (violet neck) & ON (orange neck) some interesting facets have been recorded.

The modifier gene -- like all genes -- is present in all colors of Ringnecks, but it's action is visible only in tangerine or combinations of tangerine. This modifier gene can produce VN & ON having varying degrees of pearling on their backs & wing shields. A lot of fanciers also make errors in thinking they have a VN & in reality they may have an Ash. Below is a picture of such a bird that is many times mistaken for a VN.

VN typically have a darkish bill, where as the ON should have light colored bills, but the ON can also have a somewhat darkish bill (towards the base). Either mutant can can a light tip, a facet of the "frosty" gene.

Violet Neck (M Robinson) - bred by john fowler

VN (Sara Whitby - owner) - hens tend to have less intense violet areas;
more of  a "mauve" coloration. The above bird has excellent "pearling on the wing shields".

ęDawn Wisnieski - VN female

VN Female (John Pire - breeder/owner) - Note the pale violet neck & chest area.

VN (owner?)


Ash (John Fowler - breeder) - note the greyish coloration in the wing shields, VN do not have this greyish cast.
Many wrongly call this a Violet Neck. See ASH for more.

Orange Neck

Orange Neck (John Fowler - breeder)

Orange Neck (
The modifier gene works the same in ON as it does in VN. If you have pictures of an ON with trace pearling on the back & wing shields please forward it to IDS, so it can be added here for others to see the differences.

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