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©John Fowler

The body of this bird is soft pewter gray with a white head, breast & flights. The iris is mottled (typical of the Ivory gene). The neck ring is more diluted than the neck ring of the Silver Ivory. There is a "ghost undertail bar. This tail bar is slightly lighter then what is seen in the Silver Ivory.  The bird pictured above fits the description in the book: Ringneck Dove Colors by Prof. Bob Lockhart.

To produce Platinum (Frosty Ivory Tangerine), pair a Silver Ivory (Frosty Ivory) with an Apricot (Ivory Tangerine).  Approximately 25% of the offspring from such a pairing will be Platinum.  Any pairing that will result in a combination of Frosty Ivory Tangerine will give you Platinum. It may be possible that the "platinum coloration" is not attained until the adult molt. Until then it may appear to be a normal looking White or Show Ivory with a grayish neck ring.

Pairing Platinum with a Ivory carrying no hidden genes will produce Platinum in approximately 50% of the offspring.  If the Platinum and its mate carry hidden genes (which is likely) a number of Mimic Snow White will be produced.

©Dan Guenther
Platinum undertail bar

Combination Colors