dB//  iv//iv
(formerly known as Ivory)

©John Pire

©Fanch Gourvès - France

©Rupert Stephenson - UK

©John Pire

This bird has an ivory to pearly white body, wing and head color. Sometimes called a dirty white. The neck ring is dark gray to black. Body coloration can vary between birds. The "iris" is mottled as in all "ivory" combinations. Hatchlings typically have red or ruby colored eye balls under the skin.

Many fanciers/breeders refer to this color as the Show Ivory or Blond Ivory. Breeding a visual Ivory to a Blond or Blond to a visual Ivory will produce all Blond offspring & all will carry "ivory" hidden (often referred to or called a "split" bird). Either sex of the Blond (splits) which carries Ivory gene hidden can be used. You can use the split Blond and breed it to a visual Ivory of opposite sex (50% of these young will be Ivory) or you can breed two Blond "splits" together.  The SHOW IVORY will be produced in 25% of these two pairings.

For expected results of these pairing & many other mutants click this link: Simple Breeding Combinations.

Combination Colors