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(formerly known as Frosty)

©John Pire

Very similar in coloration to the "blond" colored Ringneck. In his book, Ringneck Dove Colors, Professor Bob Lockhart writes: "The body of this bird is a bluish gray color with head and breast usually lighter." I have yet to see this bluish gray coloration except in the dark frosty. The inner web area of both the primary & secondary flights on both wings are grizzled (frosted). There may be white splotches in the tail feathers. The neck ring is black with whitish tips. The eye color is usually ruby red. A couple of features which will help distinguish the "frosty" mutant is the "grizzling" or "frosted" areas of the primary & secondary flight feathers and a possible "bill stripe" in young.
NOTE: in any pairing of two birds that are "frosty" or in combination with "frosty" there is a 25% probability of dead embryos or new hatchlings. The mutant "frosty" in a double dose of the gene causes a "lethal gene" 25% of the time.

©John Pire
The iris color in red/brown - not orange typically seen in the Blond Ringneck

©John Pire
Above is a juvenile Blond or Light Frosty (3 months old) & below is of the same bird at 2 years of age, both pictures show the typical "grizzling" in the flight feathers

John Pire

©John Pire
Blond/Light Frosty Tail Feathering - topside (L) & bottom side (R)


Combination Colors