ŠJohn Pire
Male                                                                     Female

This bird has a reddish/orange back and wing shields; darker than Peach. Has a violet head, neck and breast. The flights are darker then the body. The neck ring is black. The eye color is similar to wild type eye color. Has a diluted black tail bar or possible brownish (I have never seen a brownish undertail bar in Rosy personally). Bill coloration can be light with dark tip or dark from tip to nose ceres, but no actual data is found describing the bill coloration at the time this mutant was discovered. Hens typically have less of the violet head, neck & breast coloration than males.

ŠJohn Pire
Iris (Rosy hen)

Dark Bill                                              ŠJohn Pire                                            Light Bill
The above two pictures represent the Rosy with a dark & light colored bill (dark tip). I am currently compiling data from breeders & if you raise the Rosy I would like to hear from you as to the bill coloration of your Rosy Ringnecks. Use the above two pictures as comparison for light & dark colored bills. Just use this email link:

Single Mutants