2002 Winner

George Schutt is well deserving of this year's Naether-Hanover Award. I joined ADA back in the late 70’s & sporadically every so often in the following years (I am getting better at remembering as I get older – I think I have 3 years in a row now). George always was in the forefront of the ADA and pushing the fancy & the involvement of the membership.

I personally met George, when he & a friend came to Houston for an IDS Dove Show, that was back in 1986. I am quite proud to have George join the group of past Naether-Hanover Award Winners, he is in with some fine company. George also received a pair of Senegal Doves in conjunction with this award & also as a Thank You for accepting & transporting of another pair of Senegal Doves for the ADA Silent raffle. As long as doves can be a part of George’s world I know he will be doing good for the hobby.

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