2000 Winner
Kathy Hildreth

A surprised Kathy receiving the Naether-Hanover Award from ADA Vice President Jeff Downing

IDS congratulates Kathy for being the 2000 recipient of this AWARD. Please read why Kathy was recognized and voted to receive the Award.

Kathy Hildreth
Naether/Hanover Award Winner 2000

Kathy Hildreth of Cincinnati, Ohio married into the dove keeping hobby when she
became the wife of Charles Hildreth in 1996. Charles is a long-time dove and
pigeon enthusiast and very active and a Master Breeder in the American Dove
Association. Kathy’s first experience in the world of doves was attending the
National Young Bird Show where she agreed to serve as the new newsletter editor
for the ADA. At this point she began to learn about doves and used the
newsletter and newly developed web site to promote dove keeping, give
information to ADA members, and she and Charles began answering numerous daily
questions from members and the public about doves, posed in response to the web
site. In 1999 Kathy began a term as Secretary/Editor of the ADA, receiving and
processing memberships (over 600 each year), staying in contact with members,
and publishing the DoveLine newsletter filled with information and interesting
articles about doves.

The hobby of Diamond Dove keeping began for Kathy when her son purchased a pair
of Diamonds as a gift for her at the National Young Show. She now raises these
doves and breeds many more in a beautiful indoor aviary in her living room.

Kathy continues to work to provide information and increase membership in the
ADA and for the betterment of the world of doves.

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