The Passenger Pigeon


Steven Singh


The passenger pigeon was a bird that was the most populated on earth. The last Passenger Pigeon was named Martha and she died in the Cincinnati zoo in 1914. There were so many passenger pigeons that a single flock could have contained at least 2 billion birds or more, and there were multiple flocks in the U.S.

Long times ago, many people reported that there was a sky full of black. The whole forest was full of many nesting grounds. There were so many birds on one tree that the branch broke; yet there is not one single bird left for us to examine today. The passenger pigeon had been hunted for food and it was easy because there were so many birds in the sky. In 1850, there were many U.S. industries that could kill as many as 180,000 birds a day. Soon it became a sport. Still there were many passenger pigeons but they weren't able to recover from the killings.

Steven is in 6 TH grade


March, 24, 2001