The International Dove Society (IDS) can trace it's roots back to 1984 and a group of Texas Dove Fanciers. This group of fanciers/breeders wanted to share information, with other fanciers/breeders, on the  aspects of keeping and propagating the foreign species of doves and pigeons.  
    In early 1984 the "parent" organization of IDS was born. The name of this first club was "The Doves of Texas - A National Dove Club". The first club monthly newsletter was mailed out to about 30 members.  By the beginning of 1985 the club had a membership of about 100. 
    It was quickly realized the club was fast becoming a world wide organization of dove fanciers from around the world. The club Officers decide a name change and new logo was needed which would better compliment the growing membership and appeal to anyone interested in the many species of exotic & foreign doves and pigeons.
   The name "INTERNATIONAL DOVE SOCIETY" and the new club logo were voted on and adopted. The club name and logo were copyrighted. The membership continued to grow and when IDS ceased operations in 1992 the membership topped 350 plus worldwide. 

    The idea behind the new IDS is to bring together the different dove clubs and fanciers of the domesticated & foreign species of doves/pigeons worldwide so they can share their information. All through the use of the  WORLD WIDE WEB  

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