How to Evaluate Your Bird's Droppings

Use  clear wax paper or another smooth surface to collect your bird's droppings. The normal appearance of the feces is usually soft and brown when the bird is eating a formulated diet. It can be abnormally dry and black or green with a seed diet. The normally clear "URINE" may be increased in amount due to excess consumption of fruits and vegetables. "URATES" are creamy white waste from the kidneys and are often suspended in the liquid urine or are "wrapped around" the feces.

A sick bird may show a change in the volume, color, consistency or frequency of dropping. Feces from egg-laying females, baby birds on hand feeding formulas and the first void of the morning may be larger than normal, and urine output may increase when the bird is nervous or ill.

This information is taken from a First Aid Pamphlet  by the Zoological Education Network. It is intended as a help aid & any questions about your bird's health should be referred to an Avian Vet.