ŠJohn Pire
Tangerine Senegal - Male

ŠJohn Pire
Tangerine Senegal - open wing; note the "silver grey" coloration.

This color is co-dominate with the Senegal's normal or wild coloration. Breeding a Tangerine Senegal (any sex) to a normal colored Senegal will produce both Wild Type & Tangerine colored offspring. This color mutation acts just as it does in the common Ringneck Dove (Streptopelia risoria). Breeding Tangerine to Tangerine will produce a percentage of "pearled" offspring. To date no "pearled" young have been produced; although 2003 should see the first "pearled" young produced in the original breeder's stock.

The Tangerine Senegal was first produced in 2000 by John Pire. In 2003, enough young Tangerine Senegals were produced & sent to 6 fanciers in different parts of the US. This was done so all were not in a single area in case of a disaster & all young would not be lost. This color mutation should become more available by the spring of 2004. 

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