These pictures show a comparison of the nominate race (Streptopelia senegalensis senegalensis) with the small race (Streptopelia senengalensis sokotrae) which was imported into the US several years ago. From data I have been able to locate & use to compare to the small race I obtained; the closest that I can determine is it is the race S. s. sokotrae. It will be kept as this subspecies unless other detailed information which proves it to be another race is produced or located.  J. Pire 2003

The first two pictures show the subspecies next to the nominate species so size of the two races can been seen next to each other.

ŠJohn Pire
S.s.senegalensis                                S.s.sokotrae

ŠJohn Pire
S.s.sokotrae                       S.s.senegalensis

The two pictures below show each race being measured for length.

ŠJohn Pire
Streptopelia senegalensis senegalensis

ŠJohn Pire
Streptopelia senegalensis sokotrae

The subspecies has a nice small beak, is a bit less bright in coloration. The eggs laid are much smaller then in the nominate race. For a comparison to other species of doves, it is just slightly larger then the Inca dove (Scardafella inca). Click on red button below to see a picture of the small Senegal with the Inca Dove.

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