Common Bronzewing - Juveniles
Phaps chalcoptera

AKA: Bronzewing Pigeon, Forest Bronzewing

D. Brooks (Ph.D.)

Dr Brooks sent the below pictures showing the natural progression of  the juvenile forehead feathers to determine it's sex. Dr Brooks wanted to document what to look for in determining a Common Bronzewing squab that turns out to be a female. The youngster in the below pictures is a female at different days of age.

Female (l) & young (R)
The squab in this picture is 35 days old. You can see the frontal shield beginning to have a fleck of grey & pin feathers over the bill.
Also note: not a trace of "buff" in the frontal shield.

Squab at 44 days of age

Squab at 47 days of age

NOTE: Once the pin feathers begin to grow in the change is rapid - note the difference between the forehead from 44 days of age to 47 days of age.

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